Kids Karate

Our Children's Program

Inside the UKKS childrens program , your child will learn to be a leader. at UKKS using the UKTS (Universal Kenpo Training System) developed by Mr. Cooper. Children are taught a solid foundation comprised of basic blocks, kicks, punches and strikes as they learn the American Kenpo System of self defense. The children are introduced to environmental awareness, where they learn behaviors that well help them stay safe. UKTS training enhances the child's physical fitness and conditioning which improves coordination and reflexes.

Once they reach the intermediate level they can inter our Junior leader program, that puts your child into a teaching role where they learn the responsibility of teaching the newer students. In this program, they learn how respect is earned through commanding properly, not by demanding improperly. Students who continue they learning through this program graduate as a junior Black Belt. They will have achieved the tools necessary to physically defends themselves, but will also have gained the mental confidence to overcome what ever life challenges may come their way.

Children youth classes are held 6 days a week Monday through Saturday see the schedule for exact times. Private lessons are also available for those who want to excel and improve their skill levels.