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  • Steve Cooper
    Mr. Steve Cooper Associate Professor 5th Degree Black Belt American Kenpo Mr. Cooper has been studying the martial arts for over 30 years, training in styles such as American Kenpo, Lua, and Aikido. He started his Kenpo Training in 1990 with Mr. Steve Spry,…
  • Chris Kirby
    Mr. Chris Kirby Head Instructor 3rd Degree Black Belt Mr. Kirby has been studying the martial arts for over 17 years, training primarily in American Kenpo, but he has also spent time training in boxing and Judo. He began his training with Mr. Steve…
  • Tracy Ngo
    Tracy Ngo 1st Degree Black Belt,  Title of Junior Instructor MS. Ngo has been training in the arts since the age of 5. First in Kung Fu, then in American Kenpo. At age 14 she is the youngest student to earn a Black Belt form Mr.…