Mr. Steve Cooper
Associate Professor
5th Degree Black Belt American Kenpo

Mr. Cooper has been studying the martial arts for over 30 years, training in styles such as American Kenpo, Lua, and Aikido. He started his Kenpo Training in 1990 with Mr. Steve Spry, and eventually trained with Mr. Bob White. He earned his black belt in 1997 and now holds the rank of 5th degree black belt. Mr. Cooper has been inducted into several martial arts Hall of Fames, where he has been recognized for his ability and outstanding contributions to the martial arts. Mr. Cooper is also the Executive Producer and Executive Director of the Long Beach Internationals and Martial Con International martial arts tournaments and expos.

Mr. Cooper has competed in and has won several national and international martial arts tournament competitions, including titles in fighting, forms, breaking, and self-defense. He has also coached many tournament champions, and his competition team “Team International” was the number one rated team 6 straight years on the NBL tournament circuit. Mr. Cooper is a dedicated instructor, always striving to bring out the best of his student’s abilities, and develop leaders for the future.