I have taken karate classes before when I was young.  I wanted to get back into it as an adult with my friend. I shopped around and visited a few Karate studios trying out their classes. I tried a few throughout Orange County and I wasn't finding what I was looking for. All of the studios I tried were very lack luster and expensive for what you get.  Then after taking Mr. Cooper's free intro class, I knew I found what I was looking for!


This isn't a run of the mill karate studio.  You know the kind that upgrade your belt based the number of times you go to class? Or learning your moves as if it was a dance routine? That does not apply to this studio! You learn real karate here. You will learn the foundation and proper technique to actually defend yourself.  Kenpo is bit unique compared to the standard styles like Taekwondo. This style is much more practical and modified to handle real world situations in defending yourself from an attack in the most effective way possible. I thought I knew a little bit about karate from back then...turns out I didn't! It was eye opening and amazing to actually learn to do things right.


I really like the perks of the membership here.  The class availability is very open. I can go almost every day if my own schedule would allow it!  It was nice getting a free uniform & belt to get me started. It feels great to earn every belt you progress to. There are often tournaments you can participate in that tailor to all skill levels and ages. The best perk though, is learning from a real master black belt. You know you are in good hands here.

Derek H, Current Student