I tried a few kick boxing and tae kwon do classes around Orange County, none of them really had what I was looking for.  I wanted to learn practical self defense.  A friend of mine recommended kenpo karate so i searched yelp for the best one around central Orange County.  I found this place and was hooked from the first free class.  I liked it a lot since he has an adult class at 8pm.


Mr. Cooper is awesome and will teach you traditional american kenpo.  You first practice techniques in the air and then actually on other students.  Cooper will also let you practice attacking and defending vs him, which is really cool because he'll hit you just hard enough to remember to keep your guard up.  He'll also let you attack him with some more force to see if you're attacking correctly.  I like the class a lot because he explains why you want to do things in a certain way and will always correct your form to ensure you're progressing.  I've learned a lot in my 6 months in the class and am always excited to return.  There is also sparring on Thursdays which works up quite the sweat.

Chris N, Current Student